It’s Painful!

I saw this new guard in my street today who came only for a two-day duty. This young guy was so awful sick as I talked to him! He has similar illness as mine and is incurable on permanent basis. He was so worse and in deep pain yet working to feed himself. Seeing his life I said to myself I wouldn’t have survived if I were him .. working as an underpaid guard with even no access to clean water and even no place to sleep, and much more! Not that his sickness was any different than mine, I still was in better place than him with access to health facilities and a roof under which I can sleep sound; even a lot more that I have and he doesn’t: like, having family and friends. He barely have any, and apparently no parents at all whom he lost 18 years back when he was 4. Seeing his pain — knowing the worse of it personally — and empathising him just made me wept while standing there. Fortunately it was dark. I prayed silently!

I then brought my medicines to give them to him and he was happy. I asked him if he has cell phone so I can have his number and provide him meds on regular basis. But he didn’t have a cell. So I asked him that since he is leaving tomorrow morning, he can still come to me anytime, in fact he should come to me again, and I will give him meds when the ones he got now are finished.

We need to fix our healthcare system. We need more empathy, we need to be more responsible … we are not doing anything … It is painful even more now with the pain I go through daily!