28 Years

28 years have passed now. And sometimes I wonder what exactly I have done in all these years. I am not sure how to answer. If anything, I haven’t been able to achieve so much of what I wished to achieve. But this does not mean that I am unhappy with what I am now or how things are around me. I have to say that I am very much happy and contented; I am better than millions of people; or maybe billions? Quite different are the feelings of being incomplete and these feelings originate from the unaccomplished or half-accomplished objectives I planned sometime somewhere in life. I think having these feelings are still natural and not relevant to materialistic desires and cannot be tantamount to being unthankful.

2 Responses to 28 Years

  1. Tanveer Rauf says:

    Absar my dear son, you are a pure soul. be thankful to almighty for this virtue. this feeling of nothingness will make your self and your soul rise. I wish dearly and earnestly that you keep this feeling glowing and keep walking ahead to achieve your positive wishes amen

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