Some Elections Stats

PPP Vote History:

1970: 18.6%
1977: 58.7%
1988: 38.5%
1990: 36.8%
1993: 37.8%

2013 Votes:

PMLN: 30.52%
PTI: 15.71%
PPP: 13.68%

National Assembly Seats of PTI:

Punjab: 8
KPK: 17
Federal: 1
Sindh: 1

MQM — Taliban Apologist?

The “liberals” and detractors of Imran Khan always have a bone to pick against him, especially on the issue of the “Taliban”. Imran Khan is relentlessly being called a Taliban apologist and “Taliban Khan” whenever he has given statements such as calling Taliban to surrender their arms and initiate the peace talk and become a part of mainstream politics.

Similar to that, Altaf Hussain has recently given the statement where he urged the Taliban to lay down arms and enter mainstream politics.

Dawn reported the above event in the following words:

In what is being described as a major shift in policy towards the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has appealed to its leaders to lay down arms and enter mainstream politics.

Might one try labelling Altaf Hussain as “Taliban apologist”? This just goes on to substantiate that the intellectual dishonesty of the so-called liberals have come down to a fine art, that putting a lipstick on a pig is not something new to politics. But then, being dishonest to oneself is actually more dangerous than being a “Taliban apologist”.

Pity the nation …

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting;
and farewells him with hooting;
only to welcome another with trumpeting again

(Khalil Gibran — Pity the nation)

Ignorance Is Itself An Extremism

The so-called liberals (or God knows what they refer themselves to) are celebrating the death of terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri that took place in a U.S. drone strike. They truly forgot to remorse on the killing of women, kids and “suspected” terrorists [read inncent until proven guilty] in drone attacks. Here I am posting to just throw a reminder at them. Ignorance is itself an extremism of one kind. Shame is a small word for them. May God bring them to some sanity.

Three Questions From Imran Khan

I have, as yet, three questions from Imran Khan that I hope will be asked from him in the upcoming episode of “Ikhtilaaf” with Wajahat S Khan. These questions are of prime concern of mine.

1) Once he becomes the premier, will he be able to bring the army under strong civilian-government control? Army is not/has never been under strong civilian control, we all know that!



2) Will he be able to cut down the defence budget and increase the education budget instead?



3) Based on his party’s name (Tehreek-e-Insaaf), does he agree that the true essence of justice is that everyone is accountable to the court? If he agrees to it then will he be looking forward to abolish the article 248 of the constitution which gives immunity to premier, president, federal ministers and governors?