Dishonest Pakistan

On 8th June 2009 I wrote: Democracy, Dictatorship, Communism, Socialism, Monarchy, Anarchy etc. – all are names of different Political and Economic systems. All can be good and at the same time all can not be good. The imperative system is ‘Justice’ what everyone needs.

In short, there’s nothing like “A good dictatorship” or “A poor democracy” or vice versa. What all citizens want is a good system – a good law and order – a good sovereignty of country where government is liable to protect the rights of its citizens which no one ever does.

When anyone talks about Musharraf and favors Musharraf, when anyone talks about MQM and favors MQM, when anyone talks about Nawaz Sharif and favors him, when anyone talks about Jeye Bhutto and favors PPP – it always make me feel sad that how knavishly we keep on ignoring the wickedness of the favored leaders. I personally know a host of Pakistanis who’re victim of our poor leaders including MQM, Musharraf, PML-N, PPP etc. When was the dignity of Musharraf when he sold a horde of Pakistanis to US for $20,000 each for rendition purpose? These people are now known as ‘Missing Person’.

I sent Eid Greetings to Amina Masood Janjua last time on Eid and her response was: No Eid without my husband; no Eid until we don’t recover all Missing Persons. I ask the Ghairat Brigade of Pakistan, where is the dignity of ours when our favorite leaders were selling our innocent Pakistanis for dollars and none of the ethnic and national political party raised its voice.

To me, one wrong deed overcomes thousand right deeds. This is how it’s.

MQM did right for the people of Karachi, PML-N worked a lot in Punjab – but we snub the fact the there are so many victims suffered and suffering from MQM, PPP, PML-N etc. political parties acts. I’m not against a person, but I feel that I should, however, raise the voice and bring up the problems against the often bad actions and transgressions by our political parties.

My Pakistan starts from the shores of Arabian sea and ends at Himalayan Range – and till that range I see, by and large, we’re dishonest to ourselves. People talking about Musharraf breaching the constitution, and the sayers breach the traffic laws too; people talking about corruption by PPP while a horde of the sayers from awaam are morally corrupted too; people talk about MQM’s extortion while myriads of plaintiffs often don’t leave a single chance to bully the people.

For many of us, by and large, Pakistan is limited to their city or province. They don’t care about what’s happening in the other parts of Pakistan. We often miss to address the dark side of our leaders and portray their bright side just to blot out their hypocrisies. It happens in the case of MQM too, it happens with Nawaz Sharif too, it happens in the case of Musharraf too, it happens with ruling PPP too.

A guy I know personally whose mom died during an air-strike in Bajaur. Who carried out the air-strike? Musharraf. I again ask the Ghairat Brigade: who’s responsible for it? We, ourselves, absolutely. We give our leaders the license to do whatever they want. MQM, PML-N, PPP – all can carry substantial rallies when it comes to their ‘seat’, no one would carry a single substantial rally against such atrocities.

This is a botched up political system of Pakistan, and unfortunately we preserve this political system while keeping the status quo maintain instead of raising our voice in rallies as ardently as we do in the case of BB’s barsii or Youm-e-Tasees and so on. Is it too much that I’m asking, or rather this nation is asking?

This country was never made on the name of Democracy. Even Liaquat Ali Khan was confused whether to adopt Democracy or Communism during his early days of governance. This country, if anything, was made on the name of “Justice”, that we’d give equal rights to everyone, we’d do justice with everyone, and that Army would never interfere in politics – Quaid-e-Azam said.

So far, I admire COAS Kayani to a commensurate extent that he’s wiser than Musharraf seeing as how he has no lust of power at least, and that today political leader have steered country to the dark, but he had never shown his thoughts and intents, even for a moment, to impose any Martial Law. During Long March, he had all this opportunity to impose the Martial Law, but he never did, even though the whole country was jolted so much during those days. Instead he met with political leadership and convinced them to show some mercy on the country and find a quick way to get out of this national turmoil.

People talk about ‘education’ every instance when the topic ‘Pakistan’ is under debate. Only ‘education’ isn’t a solution to solve all the problems. I believe in “Character Education” more than ‘education’ itself. Educated ones do breach the traffic rules, do violate constitution of Pakistan, do breach civil rules – but a person with “Character Education” wouldn’t do that.

We’re always up to market the manifesto of our affiliated political parties – but why don’t we market the simple and dignified version of Jinnah and Iqbal, I ask??

PS: I’ve portrayed the role of Government and Awaam in the progression and regression of Pakistan. I majorly impute Awaam for the current situation of Pakistan; however, this doesn’t mean we should never voice our protest against the government. We can, always!

Happy Birthday To One Forgotten National Leader

Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal

As the days are passed, the past days become history and history becomes a lesson — a lesson that forthrightly brings up our extreme blunders. From one prospect, it makes ourself become aware of — by information or from observation — the past.

To stumble against the same rock twice is a proverbial disgrace, is a maxim which we, the Pakistanis, always have adopted without acknowledging our slips and flaws of our standard of living, manner of working things out, and afterall the character and personality of ourselves. The same perennial thing demonstrates the fact that it’s getting habitual.

If we follow up the history, we’ll open the lock which lead to the facts that how revolution was shaped in South Asia in 19th and 20th Century. A revolution nation requires doesn’t comprise of few days, few weeks or yet few months. Such far-reaching changes are transpired after interminable efforts, devotion, allegiance and diligence.

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal — a renowned Poet, Philosopher, Scholar, Sufi and Humanist — is one such person whose attainment of understanding the significance of Muslims mind and their history, the prospect of their future, and over and above, the judiciousness on behavior patterns of Muslims was, with evidence and facts, bonzer.

One day a friend of Allama Iqbal went to see him. He saw him sitting alone and weeping. He asked him, “Doctor Sahib, is everyone fine at your home?” And Iqbal said to him that everyone is fine. Then he asked him, “Why are you weeping so?” Allama, without giving any verbal response to him, handed over a letter. He saw the letter. It was on the name of Allama from a Professor in England. Professor was asking Allama to grant him the permission to translate his Persian treatise. Allama’s friend asked him why it is a matter of weeping; instead you should have been happy that your work is venerated by a professor in England who wants to translate your high caliber work to fine-tune the scholars in his country. Allama, who still was sitting with a head down, lifted his head and said, “The letter made me weep for the reason that I’ve written this to soften the hearts of my people and to make them learn the feelings and significance of ‘ Khudi’ — ‘self’ — self-realization, self-knowledge, self-control, self-appraisal, self-discovery, self-revival, self-respect, self-abnegation — but unfortunately my people can’t understand my message neither they pay heed to my message. While on the contrary, a professor of England wants to spread my message in his country within his people despite the fact that I’ve not written this book for them, but for my people.

In Iqbal’s words:

Kar Bulbul-o-Ta’oos Ki Takhleed Se Tauba;
Bulbul Faqat Awaaz Hai, Ta’oos Faqat Rang

It means that: don’t emulate the Nightingale or the Peacock. As Nightingale has nothing but a sweet voice and peacock has nothing but ornamental color. Your inner self is more important.

Iqbal’s prose and poems, both contemplate on the subject of “Khudi”. “Khudi” is the philosophical concept that Iqbal talks about a lot.

‘Khudi’ Ko Kar Buland Itna, Key Har Taqdeer Se Pehle;
Khuda Bandey Se Ye Pochey: Bata, Teri Raza Kya Hai

In English translation:

Exalt your ‘Self’ thus, that before every twist of fate;
God himself asks you: My creation, let Me know your desire

Iqbal was practitioner of ascetic lifestyle. He promoted asceticism which is very much relevant to the version of ‘Khudi’ which he has promoted.

Iqbal was of the view that in the nation you live in; the world you live in, if it clashes with your ‘Self’, and you find incompatibility in such situation, find and make your own place in the world to promote the significance of ‘Self’.

Allama Iqbal’s vision and philosophy was phenomenal in awakening the Muslims from deep slumber. He invited Muslims towards friendship and unity with each other. But in this contemporary world, people have cold-shouldered such great leaders and revolutionists hermetically.

Today, in order to pass through from the guilts of the wrongdoings we’ve committed and because it has become a major factor in the downfall of our nation and ourselves, we, as instanter, need to lay a siege to all those problems that have obstructed us in achieving the dreams of Iqbal and Jinnah.

Iqbal was, if anything, a tower of strength to Muslims. Just as things are at this moment, we, the Pakistanis, are obliged to resume the efforts from where Allama Iqbal and Jinnah left. Without regard to the drawback that they’re not alive today, we know quite well that their ideologies are aboveground, and in mint condition.

The whole Pakistan celebrates this day, besides, with a National holiday on this day. But that’s, if anything, a concave celebration when everything is taken into consideration. We’re failed to abide by the ideologies and vision of Iqbal; we’re failed to honor the ideologies and vision of Iqbal. Let’s pledge on this Birth Anniversary of Iqbal to resume, promote and follow the ideologies and vision of our genuine national leaders like Iqbal and Jinnah instead of the fallible ideologies of contemporary pseud leaders.

~ Happy Birthday, Allama Iqbal ~

~ Pakistan Zindabad ~

I Pray

Prayers for Pakistan

Prayers for Pakistan

I Pray
We regain the lost dignity of ours
The dignity which once patently belonged to our forefathers
But it does not belong to ours

I Pray
We understand there exist no provincial boundaries
The boundaries that divide our thoughts and aims
May we remove major and minor differences amongst

I Pray
We fulfill the ambition of Jinnah and Allama Iqbal
And all those who struggled in the freedom movement of Pakistan
To see this Nation one of the greatest nation in the world

I Pray
All the internal and external conspiracies proceeding against Pakistan come to an end
And we get unite to fight against the faction
May we dispatch it

I Pray
Our leadership of Pakistan become sincere to the nation
Pakistanis become sincere to the nation too
May Allah bring all of us to some sanity

I Pray
Instead of getting inspired by West
We make our own flourishing identity
And make world inspired by Pakistan and Pakistanis

I Pray
Corruption come to an end in Pakistan
Equity and justice prevail
May we learn to distinguish between right and wrong

I Pray
Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhey Qadam Qadam Aabaad Tujhey

Aameen. Summa Aameen

~ Happy Independence Day ~

By Absar

The Land of Pure

Land of Pure -- Pakistan Zindabad -- Happy Independence Day

The Land of Pure — We live;
Often, the land is plaintive

Borne huge sacrifices, we got this land;
We’ve an obligation, not to make it disband

For we’ve a liability to this nation;
We oughtn’t to harvest here any faction

History proves ascendents as glorified, it can be proved again;
We, can do and we would do, industriously, all that to attain

To make a difference in every little and big way;
We need to be fair, all the night and all the day

Let’s promise today, we won’t let the nation hamper;
We’ll, with all our efforts, vow to make it prosper

By Absar