Bajang Aamad — Provides You With Guaranteed Laughs

Bajang Aamad

Bajang Aamad

Above is a page from the book “Bajang Aamad” by Colonel Muhammad Khan. This book was first published in July 1966, and to-date remains one of the best humorous books in Urdu literature. Colonel Muhammad Khan writes about himself in the book and the events of World War II he encountered. The way he has narrated the events is really worth reading.

Colonel Muhammad Khan had long yearned for becoming a “lieutenant” — not even a general but a “lieutenant”. He always found some charm in the title of “lieutenant” — and as comprehended by the views of him, holding this rank is something venerable more than that of a general.

He successfully passes the entrance formalities and was sent a letter to get in to the train to reach ‘Mehev’ which was in the Central British-India. Colonel Muhammad Khan thought that upon his arrival at the Mehev station, he’ll be welcomed with an instrumental band, an army division, and the motor car whose driver will respectfully open the door for him. But upon his arrival, the situation he had to encounter was adverse — and which is humorously explained by Colonel Muhammad Khan above.

Whenever I read this book, it makes me laugh too much. A must read book.