Ignorance Is Itself An Extremism

The so-called liberals (or God knows what they refer themselves to) are celebrating the death of terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri that took place in a U.S. drone strike. They truly forgot to remorse on the killing of women, kids and “suspected” terrorists [read inncent until proven guilty] in drone attacks. Here I am posting to just throw a reminder at them. Ignorance is itself an extremism of one kind. Shame is a small word for them. May God bring them to some sanity.

How To Produce A Terrorist

How To Produce A Terrorist

How To Produce A Terrorist

The sky roared, the thunderous sound was echoing and then there was a loud explosion heard. The air strike caused a ruckus, there was bloodshed everywhere — with 10’s of fatalities and 100’s of wounded. People were shouting, crying — everyone was sad yet full of wrath. A lot of them lost their brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, sons, daughters in the air strike. The present was full of grief.

This was a usual routine that sometimes Pakistani fighter planes would turn up and bomb the suspected hideouts of the militants and mostly the US led drone attacks sketch a real picture of another hell on earth. God knows how many militants the air strike killed, but what is apparent is that every air strike or drone attack for the purpose of hunting down the militants had never reduced the number of militants, instead it gave birth to the 100’s of more fighters against the state government and Nato, who show their ire against the state government and Nato because they lost their loved ones for no reason. Some of the peaceful people before the strike becomes terrorist after the air strike or drone attack parce que they lost their loved ones and the moxie for retribution intensifies within. How would you satisfy or pacify the people when “you” go on a killing spree of innocent civilians and make them loose their brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and other acquaints in the drone attack or airstrike or bomb blast? You killed their beloved ones too, because you never raise the voice against the atrocities and you’re as blamable as the militant’s facilitators and ratifiers.

The ongoing terrorism, I daresay, has always been a bilateral process — and where the chances of peace has been practically deep-six. Subsequently, the battlefront is formed which we see today: you kill our brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, wives, fathers, mothers, husbands and friends etc. — in retaliation we’ll kill yours too. This is a ‘general’ situation, exclusive of the religious hype. This goes on, and we’re majorly loosing innocents day-after-day — the rural innocents in drone attacks and air strikes, the urban innocents in suicide blasts. In a word of one of my American friend: When American army or any army regrets the loss of innocent lives, I ask whose life isn’t innocent? We all are innocent.

Want to know more about how, by and large, the world produces terrorist? One should watch the movie “The Peacemaker”. His only daughter was killed and he went on a rampage to blow the whole city with a nuclear bomb. This is the state of mind of ‘many’ of the suffered ones — furiousness at its peak. Those tagged terrorists of today kill someone else’s loved ones .. and the status quo afloat, under a revision. We ought to find out the root cause of the problems and start rendering the justice to the best we can. Justice is the solution to all problems, and not the war or oppression of any kind.

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Slave Pakistan

Pakistan Sovereignty Cartoon

First they came for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist; 
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then… they came for me… And by that time there was no one left to speak up.

These words of Martin Niemoller – a leader of one of the German group opposing Hitler and Nazi’s – remind me of the current situation in Pakistan.

We often address various different issues concerning Pakistan and its sovereignty. And at various situations, we, under an excuse of not having any other better alternative – surrender our sovereignty and dignity very happily. We don’t even tend to think of better alternatives we could have.

For instance, the drone attacks in Pakistan by United States Air Force has made me mulled over the dismantled Pakistan’s sovereignty. Today, United States – under a pretext of hunting down Talibans and al Qaeda – enters our territory and fire the missiles from their lofty drones. It mostly kills innocents. And we Pakistani’s remain reticent. Today, they come to hunt al Qaeda inside FATA; tomorrow, they could also use their land forces to enter into FATA and could also extend their aims and directions within Pakistan.

10 years back, when Pakistan conducted its Nuclear test, and we started believing we’re now a safe country with nuclear technology – guessing that no one would dare to have a dark look at us in future. No one yet knew 10 years back that 10 years after we’d be twisted around in an internal warfare so severely, and our sovereignty would get dismantled in such a grave way. Presently, no one yet knows what will happen after 10 years. Do you know? May be after 10 years we’ll see US forces beyond FATA and in other cities as well. It again reminds me of the words of Martin Niemoller “And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

In another instance, we saw Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted dozens of innocent people few years back. We also discern that it all happened in collaboration with CIA – who worked as a downplayer in abduction. Who knows in future CIA could also be in spotlight in the abduction of Pakistanis. This time, they might not even need zilch help from Pakistan’s intelligence agencies – unlike past when Pakistani agencies were in spotlight – and used to directly abet CIA in abduction. Again, the words of Martin Niemoller echoes in my mind, “And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

Today, we’re waiting for whom? Waiting for some veiled and sacred help? Even God doesn’t help those who don’t help themselves. This is so embarrassing ad nauseam.

Regarding the drone attacks, people often talk about the left out choices we could have. Particularly about drone attacks, we see the drone attacks fared not work well, coherently. It’s not a personal opinion I want to express, it’s a fact that we loose innocents in drone attacks, and we ought to bar Pakistan’s territory from drone attacks. Everyone wants annihilation of radicals from Pakistan. It’s all de trop what we’re facing today.

We’re undergoing a test-phase and the whole world is witnessing Pakistan can give in over the sovereignty issue. The world also witnesses that the country can also be suppressed very easily. We’re being suppressed by self-appointed superpowers. It’s a global fact that weaker ones are suppressed just like we’re getting suppressed. Those who have abilities to face danger and hardship despite fear – they rules. Such countries truly sparkle as a dignified nation. We’re regrettably not one of it. Welcome to Islamic Republic of Slave Pakistan.