Ours For Others

Everyone thinks his problems are far greater than anyone else’s problems. Whereas, only the suffered ones can understand. On this Eid, I could make a sad face with a thought that I don’t wish to celebrate Eid — in regards of whatever problems I’ve or I’ve not. Celebration isn’t about rich dressings or ha-ha etc. There could be people other than me whose sufferings could be far much than me, still they laugh and smile. And while I see the smiling faces of others, I don’t feel like making a sad face that could make others feel dejected too. And that, to cheer myself up, I’ve become a part of this transition where people are so exuberant — smiling and celebrating — and a horde of them are those who’re celebrating for others and not for themselves. After all, this is all about it — the Eid — the life.

Share with us some Happiness


We remain
Think for our selves
For ponderers?
Who cares?
They feel
They cry
Then become quiet
Yes, paupers
Suppress them
We’ve wealth
They’ve poverty
We’ve huge laughter
They’ve little happiness
They join us
Vice versa is rare
We seek laden Eidis
They seek little company
They asked us
We remained for ourselves, pious
They again
By smiles
We refused
Like carried off the flies
Don’t forget them
We’ll be questioned
They’ll remain unquestioned
Who’ll be better?
Here we’re etchers

By: Absar

(This Poem was written on 2008 Eid-ul-Fitar and dedicated ‘particularly’ to the 400,000 poor migrants of Bajaur who fled Bajaur due to savage Military Operation there, and ‘generally’ for the paupers we see around ourselves who need a little attention of ours so that they don’t feel discriminated at this religious occasion. )