MAFIA — The throb

MAFIA — the name is enough to thrill IRP Parliamentarians. Once, the MAFIA ruled Parliament. Their name grew more and more imperative. MAFIA was based on most of the current and former moderators of IRP, including some notable IRPians. Former/Current Owner had/has nothing to do with MAFIA.The MAFIA was innocent, with neat intents so as today. The chief aim of MAFIA was to nominate with mutual consensus a candidate who’s truly deserving in the whole lot of contestants. Had MAFIA been following favoritism amongst friends, it would have selected a few quite good friends for moderator role other than the deserving one.

Members of IRP did denounce MAFIA. But that was just it. MAFIA’s envisioned for a better IRP — a community whose moderator should be humble enough to act on his/her role in favor of IRP. That doesn’t mean the rest of the candidates contesting Moderator’s Elections weren’t suitable to be inducted in the panel, but that was just from the experienced member’s standpoint to opt one candidate and support him/her.

MAFIA’s influence was good enough and their support was on the basis of individual’s freewill. MAFIA never forced any friend for a support. Even though, MAFIA faced a lot of opposition — a good enough criticism where cynics played their role in subjugating MAFIA. Hence MAFIA collapsed to some extent — not fully.

The history that MAFIA has written in IRP Parliament will always be remembered.

Today, members still remember MAFIA as I’ve observed. How can they forget MAFIA when they were victorious in Three consecutive elections, and the unity amongst MAFIans was cracking enough — watched by members for last one year and so.

MAFIA will rise again — it needs some rest now 😀