MQM — Taliban Apologist?

The “liberals” and detractors of Imran Khan always have a bone to pick against him, especially on the issue of the “Taliban”. Imran Khan is relentlessly being called a Taliban apologist and “Taliban Khan” whenever he has given statements such as calling Taliban to surrender their arms and initiate the peace talk and become a part of mainstream politics.

Similar to that, Altaf Hussain has recently given the statement where he urged the Taliban to lay down arms and enter mainstream politics.

Dawn reported the above event in the following words:

In what is being described as a major shift in policy towards the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has appealed to its leaders to lay down arms and enter mainstream politics.

Might one try labelling Altaf Hussain as “Taliban apologist”? This just goes on to substantiate that the intellectual dishonesty of the so-called liberals have come down to a fine art, that putting a lipstick on a pig is not something new to politics. But then, being dishonest to oneself is actually more dangerous than being a “Taliban apologist”.

Tolerance In Politics

The war of words between MQM and PML-N is brewing in again. Interesting it would be to see if either of them make a coalition government sometime in future. Much possible — for the sake of de facto national interest and not-so-applicable-and-appreciable democracy.

Altaf has called PML-N for the debate regarding the allegations levelled by PML-N leaders against MQM. PML-N has accepted it. But where should the debate be held if Zaeem Qadri of PML-N also intends to participate? Zaeem Qadri can’t step in Karachi as he’s being threatened, live, by MQM’s Mustafa Kamal for the reason that  Zaeem Qadri uttered blasphemous words against the holy revolutionist Quaid-e-Tehreek Janab Altaf Hussain Bhai. Strictly intolerable and unforgivable by any “Saathi”!

In Pakistan 24/7 the subject of discussion amongst the youth and on the media is that of bringing the revolution and changing the country’s direction towards progression, and between all that the much forsaken issue is that of “morality”, whether it be about corruption, lavishness of MNA’s/MPA’s or personal behavior. Between all this schemozzle regarding Pakistani politics, how much emotions, corruption and lavishness is too much bad? The quantity of every bit of it is always hinged upon personal discretion derived by loyalty and support for the affiliated political party.  Retaliatory politics, yet by means of abuses and insults and also by means of emotions, is as much a practicing trait as the musing on the revolution in Pakistan. With such a  burden of hypocrisy we are on for an impossible change in Pakistan.

Last year during the Arts Council exhibition in Karachi, some Jiyalas’s destructive frenzy was unleashed upon the Arts Council. Property was destroyed, banners were torn down and filthy abuse was hurled at the organisers and the visitors. The reason was just that one of the artworks of late Benazir Bhutto offended some of the visiting Jiyalas there. Then it was, by many, described as a terror by intolerant Jiyalas. MQM “saathis”, rather unofficially, condemned such a sheer bigotry. What about now, Mustafa Kamal and Saathis, I ask?

The purpose is not just to criticize MQM and letting go off Zaeem Qadri of PML-N from all charges of provocation or amorality. But the fact is that when a political party that claims itself the most educated political party of Pakistan cannot put a pause on its tongue and emotions despite provocation, then it fails to authenticate the superb education it takes pride in. Difference between the alleged feudal-laden and self-claimed most educated political party of Pakistan should be prominent, distinguished by tolerance and fine behavior.

When a kid abuses or badmouths someone, observers largely say: “Must have been taught by parents.” But when political leaders abuse or badmouth against their opponents, I’d say: “Must have been taught by their party chiefs.”

I say, you think! Please!

Shameful — Zaeem Qadri of PML-N vs Mustafa Kamal of MQM:

Full Episode: Watch here

The Futility Of Karachi Mayhem

As news spread residents of Karachi left work and rushed to get home PHOTO: Express Tribune/M.ADEEL

As news spread residents of Karachi left work and rushed to get home PHOTO: Express Tribune/M.ADEEL

Published at Express Tribune

Raza Haider, an MQM leader and member of the Sindh Assembly, and his guard were shot dead at a mosque in Nazimabad in Karachi. It was a sad event. Target killings are unwarranted and uncalled for. The culprits of this cold-blooded murder and all such murders should be caught immediately and punished severely.

But another sad event followed the murder. As soon as news of the incident broke all shops were closed. Members of the self-proclaimed ‘middle-class’ and ‘most educated’ political party of Pakistan were allegedly seen threatening shopkeepers. Some shopkeepers were even physically attacked by workers. A Pakhtun cobbler’s small shop was torn down.

Should shops and businesses in Karachi be forced to close down?

The closure of businesses and shops means a substantial loss of billions of rupees every day. It means that daily wagers will not have money to buy food to feed their families. Bread, milk, eggs, pulses, flour and rice will not be available.

Pakistan is already suffering from massive budgetary difficulties and day-to-day financial problems. An entire day without business in the financial hub of the country will not help solve our national economic problems.

The politics of pain

Only one party could be responsible for the city-wide shut down of business. Karachi is MQM and MQM is Karachi. If any party wants to prosper in the political culture of Pakistan it should practice patience and tolerance even in the face of tragedy. Punjab is often seen coping with the after effect of any tragedy much prudently. This is why the party should advise its workers to stop the forceful closure of shops and businesses.

Business as usual for city police

Meanwhile, as the public rushed to reach home safely, policemen continued the practice of greasing their palms on Shahra-e-Faisal and other busy routes in Karachi. Why would the police harrass civilians on a day when the entire city was worried about security and getting home safe and sound? I am not in favor of ransom during a normal situation in the country but during emergencies it is inexcusable.

All in all, I feel that we, Pakistanis, are quite emotional as a nation. We react to the things emotionally while completely forgetting its adverse outcome. We must understand that during such trying times Pakistan needs our honest and patient services more than it needs impulsive reactions.

MQM & The Mask Of Hypocrisy

MQM Trying To Set Foot In Punjab

MQM Trying To Set Foot In Punjab

It’s actually quite a sordid thing that when people talk in a high-powered way against the unjustices with a purpose to gain some attention, they forget their own acts contribute substantially in painting a picture of, which they call, “unjustices”. Why we’re being so enormously hypocrite on the name of the de facto “national interests”?

Today, during the speech of Altaf Hussain which was directed to the people of Punjab particularly, Altaf Hussain ardently iterated that those who chanted slogan of ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makan’ (food, clothing and shelter) have given nothing to the people in past 62 years.

On one side Altaf Hussain is telling to the people of Pakistan about the fraud PPP that is doing nothing for the people of Pakistan, yet on the other hand what we see is that Altaf Hussain and his party has always been supportive of the PPP government. More big is the fact that it was MQM who supported Asif Ali Zardari during the presidential election in the provincial and national assemblies with all its locally mighty force. Then I ask, why Altaf Hussain is crying over a spilt milk when his and his party’s actions can’t actually be justified realistically. Logical justifications are declared void. Logics are algorithms which everyone can design one; it has no value in real.

Does this not prove MQM has always been playing fake demagoguery politics by killing two birds with a single stone? On one side MQM supports the wrong in order that to gain sympathies of political generals and other doozy political champions who bring MQM the joy — blessings of ministries — the power, on the other side it talks against the same party whom they’ve been supporting always and ever, directly and indirectly, since it’s founded.

So, is this really what we call ‘politics of principles’? The major and mainstream political parties of Pakistan are the chip of the same block. The relentless unprincipled politics has proved a lot bad for Pakistan.

Caution to the people of Pakistan, specially Punjab: Please be wise in choosing your options. MQM and the likes of it — the PPP, PML-N, ANP etc. — are bad for the health of Pakistan. Can we, for once, demand for principled politics in the country, please?

Hypocrites On The Loose

MQM's Hypocritical Rally Against Talibans

MQM's Hypocritical Rally Against Talibans

The above picture exposes the hypocrisy of MQM, and the likes of hypocrite political parties who protest only when it serves any good purpose to them. MQM has never put into practice any protestation rally in favor of “Missing Persons”, Dr. Aafia Siddui, or the Drone Attacks. Why? Reasons are, which I learn from the stalwarts of MQM, quite silly. Most of the time they don’t respond coherently, rather beat around the bush. If the MQM, PML-N and others are so very sincere to the nation, respect the dignity of the citizens and oppose the heinous acts such as the ones mentioned above, they should be protesting like they do for other things purely relevant to their party politics.

Interesting is the thing that the supporters of MQM immediately came out of the closet to the roads of Karachi last year to protest against the alleged flogging of the 17 year old girl by Talibans in Swat. The video is now proved fake. But it was and it is the MQM who always need a wee excuse even to bash the Talibans, the extremists. They really don’t miss any opportune moment at anytime in Pakistan. Whereas, these yahoos, the MQM walas and the likes, are the other kind of extremists who work solely for the personal political agenda and personal benefit, not for the awaam’s benefit. They’re the sanctimonious ones who virtually should be ashamed of calling themselves humans, let alone Pakistanis.

These champions of democracy didn’t support one of the clause of LFO — which was brought by veteran president Musharraf — that made the internal party elections indispensable by law. Astonishing thing, isn’t it?

From the other point of view, the obsession of ANP to change the name of province is unshakeable. It shocked me when I heard one ANP spokesman saying: “why so much fuss, just few are killed”, while citing the indiscriminate firing event in Abbottabad that killed nearly 8 protestors who were demonstrating against the name change of NWFP. Is he, the ANP yahoo who uttered such a nonsense, a human, really?

Let’s come to the Mian Sahib, the another champion of democracy and principled politics. What’s his stance on the issue of “Missing Persons”? How powerfully has he demonstrated in favor of Missing Persons like he does at Raiwand at different occasions?

Last, but not the least is the party calls itself the advocate of Bhutto. Jamshed Dasti, the MNA, who was elected from NA-178 Muzaffargarh on the ticket of PPP resigned on 25th March of last month as he was found guilty of holding a fake degree in MA Islamic Studies. But quite startlingly, after few days of sitting at home, Jamshed Dasti is again given with the PPP ticket. Such a shame that a person caught posing MA in Islamic Studies, a fake degree, is still considered eligible to contest elections. Where is the morality? Are the good moral people, better than the Jamshed Dasti, lacking in the PPP, or there never were any?

These are some of the brief instances on the mainstream political parties call themselves the champions of democracy in Pakistan. There are a legion of such hypocrisies to outline, but guess these would do for the moment. Quite deplorably, we hide these facts from our own selves. Why can’t we come out of the party politics shell for sometime and think about the Pakistan as a whole?