Poors Should Be The Priority

Pakistan: A group of boys scrambles for bread rations -- Photo Courtesy -- Dawn

Pakistan: A group of boys scrambles for bread rations -- Photo Courtesy -- Dawn

Two days back strolling down the street next to mine, I encountered a little event usual yet unusual which I’m to describe here. Strolling, and busy in thoughts, my mind was brought back to the earth by a little kid in ragged clothes who popped in from somewhere and asked me: “Kuch paisey dey dein sahab.” (Please give me some money)

At first, I slowed down my feet. When he would say “Rooti khani hai sahab, bohat bhook lagi hai” (I’m so very starving, need some bread to eat), I pushed the brake of my feet. Standing there, I put my hands in the pocket to give him the money for the food. I gave him some amount. The poor little guy looked at the sum and then looked at me and said, “Khulla la don Sahab?” (Shall I bring the change)

I told him to keep it and then I moved, strolling to frontward.

This is usual whenever I go out. Many a times I had encountered the people who’d not ask for the money and refuse to take it even — all they ask is the food to eat. The unusual thing that day was the honestness of that poor little fellow who, maybe believing that amount was more than enough for his food, asked me for he shall or shall not bring the change. How simple and honorable of him.

Everytime when it happens that I see people asking for food and money to eat and other things like for medical services, it makes me feel sorry for everything — everything including my existence, our existence.

True is the fact that our morality which covers the basic part of humanity has become a secondary thing today. Sometimes back, mid of last year, when 3 million IDP’s were desperately seeking to get the attention of nation, Pakistan, for some basic facilities of life, simultaneously a project named “Green Karachi” was approved in the president house. The budget allocated to the project was 22 billion rupees. During that time I raised my point of dissent. The reason to dissent, if anyone again wants to know, could be described with a brief example: If your garden needs attention whilst in your house you’ve a sick child, what is your first priority?

My point of dissent definitely doesn’t mean that we shall abandon the progression in the country. But then, we strictly need to set the priorities, wisely. And who should argue on it that humanity shouldn’t be a primary thing?

That kid, whose unusual answer startled me, and all the likes of him who’re in millions actually, popped in my mind while I was reading another news which startled me. Does anyone know it’ll cost Pakistan Rs. 8 billion to change the name of NWFP to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Yes, that’s true.

No offense meant to any of the avid supporter of the new name. But what’s more important, I ask: the reduction of poverty and to supply food to those impoverished people desperately yearning to have at least one bite of bread before going to sleep at night — or the name change of province? During the time of such distress and desperate strait when Pakistan is suffering from hellishly massive budgetary difficulties and other day-to-day financial problems, my moral understandings doesn’t allow me to strand the impoverished and approve the name change project costing Rs. 8 billion.

What more big and fat is the hypocritical fact that we call ourselves an Islamic nation — “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan. How about that real Islam when Hazrat Omar RA said: I’m responsible for the death of even a dog who dies of hunger at the bank of river Nile.

This isn’t the case with Pakistan today. So shall we call it a “Republic of Selfish Pakistan”?

Hypocrites On The Loose

MQM's Hypocritical Rally Against Talibans

MQM's Hypocritical Rally Against Talibans

The above picture exposes the hypocrisy of MQM, and the likes of hypocrite political parties who protest only when it serves any good purpose to them. MQM has never put into practice any protestation rally in favor of “Missing Persons”, Dr. Aafia Siddui, or the Drone Attacks. Why? Reasons are, which I learn from the stalwarts of MQM, quite silly. Most of the time they don’t respond coherently, rather beat around the bush. If the MQM, PML-N and others are so very sincere to the nation, respect the dignity of the citizens and oppose the heinous acts such as the ones mentioned above, they should be protesting like they do for other things purely relevant to their party politics.

Interesting is the thing that the supporters of MQM immediately came out of the closet to the roads of Karachi last year to protest against the alleged flogging of the 17 year old girl by Talibans in Swat. The video is now proved fake. But it was and it is the MQM who always need a wee excuse even to bash the Talibans, the extremists. They really don’t miss any opportune moment at anytime in Pakistan. Whereas, these yahoos, the MQM walas and the likes, are the other kind of extremists who work solely for the personal political agenda and personal benefit, not for the awaam’s benefit. They’re the sanctimonious ones who virtually should be ashamed of calling themselves humans, let alone Pakistanis.

These champions of democracy didn’t support one of the clause of LFO — which was brought by veteran president Musharraf — that made the internal party elections indispensable by law. Astonishing thing, isn’t it?

From the other point of view, the obsession of ANP to change the name of province is unshakeable. It shocked me when I heard one ANP spokesman saying: “why so much fuss, just few are killed”, while citing the indiscriminate firing event in Abbottabad that killed nearly 8 protestors who were demonstrating against the name change of NWFP. Is he, the ANP yahoo who uttered such a nonsense, a human, really?

Let’s come to the Mian Sahib, the another champion of democracy and principled politics. What’s his stance on the issue of “Missing Persons”? How powerfully has he demonstrated in favor of Missing Persons like he does at Raiwand at different occasions?

Last, but not the least is the party calls itself the advocate of Bhutto. Jamshed Dasti, the MNA, who was elected from NA-178 Muzaffargarh on the ticket of PPP resigned on 25th March of last month as he was found guilty of holding a fake degree in MA Islamic Studies. But quite startlingly, after few days of sitting at home, Jamshed Dasti is again given with the PPP ticket. Such a shame that a person caught posing MA in Islamic Studies, a fake degree, is still considered eligible to contest elections. Where is the morality? Are the good moral people, better than the Jamshed Dasti, lacking in the PPP, or there never were any?

These are some of the brief instances on the mainstream political parties call themselves the champions of democracy in Pakistan. There are a legion of such hypocrisies to outline, but guess these would do for the moment. Quite deplorably, we hide these facts from our own selves. Why can’t we come out of the party politics shell for sometime and think about the Pakistan as a whole?

Where Leaders Dare

Looming Problems In Pakistan

Looming Problems In Pakistan

ANP has gone mad; it was earlier too. Just recently it gave an statement that the party wouldn’t support the repelling of 17th amendment until the province name is changed to Pakhtunkhwa. At several occasions, ANP has been emphatic of changing the name of NWFP province to Pakhtunkhwa-Abaseen or Pakhtunkhwa Khyber. Pakistan’s future is, at this phase, hanging between the egos and stupidity of few politicians. I’m quite afraid to see and question that how and why we need an immediate action to change the name of province, concurrently acknowledging that it practically isn’t going to change the status quo of the country which represents a dismantled, poverty stricken, ill-educated and day-to-day suicide bombings state. Things like repelling 17th amendment, terrorism, drone attacks, power crisis, wheat crisis, pulse crisis, water crisis, global warming, jobs, education, corruption, sovereignty of Pakistan etc. are the grave concern of Pakistanis, but the likes of dunce leaders are in an argle-bargle for the change of province name. I personally have no problem with the changing of name, but the eye-catching problem is the inaction in finding the solution to today’s significant problems, such as the ones above.

How would you conclude to address this problem? For me, I’ve an urge to say that while solving a horde of national problems, first we need to set the priorities — outside the framework of making the higher priorities getting obstructed by some lower ones. It’s a matter of survival, not some point-scoring match. As I read, Cowasjee months back gave a fine example on setting up of the priorities: If your garden needs attention whilst in your house you have a sick child, what is your first priority?

Before finishing it off, let me unfold something unusual from yesterday: Earth Hour, to fight against global warming, was celebrated throughout Pakistan. On the occasion, all lights on all important government buildings and thoroughfares in all major cities were switched off from 08:30 pm to 09:30 pm. It all happened as the President announced celebrating Earth Hour. I’m proud as a peacock to point it that Pakistan is, unofficially and voluntarily, celebrating Earth Hour for decades now, with no electricity for hours each day. We are contributing the best we can against global warming. Shouldn’t we be proud of it? Political leaders are perhaps proud of it, this is why they’re more busy in the name change argle-bargle rather than the production of energy.