A Taste Of One Flavor of Justice

So the cat is out of the bag, and peoples en masse — a certain group — enjoying as they’re acquitted. Jinnah Pur was an old wrangle, but not no more now — just now. The intents of this political group can be excellently judged with what they say and then what they actually do later.

Today, Mr. Altaf was blaming Nawaz Sharif for the killing of 15,000 people in Karachi. But then, a very serious question to ponder is, why at first place MQM joined Nawaz Sharif’s government back in 1997 — just to make a government in Sindh–Karachi? Again running after Power?

The operation in Karachi was started by Nawaz Sharif and was succeeded by late Benazir Bhutto and then again succeeded by Nawaz Sharif. Again, MQM demonstrated the apex hypocrisy and joined hands with Benazir Bhutto’s led government, forgetting the killing of 15,000 people — as Mr. Altaf Hussain claims. Why Mr. Altaf Hussain always forgets the brutalities he and his greedy party has faced when it comes to Power?

Why it always happens that MQM becomes an ally of every single government. Naseer Ullah Babar was one of the significant figure while PPP pursued operation against MQM. But the same MQM is an ally of Naseer Ullah Babar i.e. ally of PPP. Why one flavor of passion, hypocrisy and justice? MQM could be befriended with the ruling party, but wouldn’t be befriended with the other one they say had scathe them. Simultaneously, MQM keeps on heightening its brouhaha against the other. And when the other party comes in power, MQM forgets the brutalities and killings of 15,000 people in Karachi and becomes an ally with that party like-a-shot.

Army has been brutal against MQM during the 1992 operation — is a fact wouldn’t be denied by the person who, so ardently, claims the loss of 15,000 people of Karachi. Concurrently, the simplicity of MQM was so cute, at the same time foxy, that MQM whole-heartedly welcomed the second termed government of Nawaz Sharif in 1997 and immediately joined the coalition. Nawaz Sharif again started the operation against MQM — the intensity of which was lesser than 1992 but so many died again — and surprisingly, the 1997 operation was lead by the veteran COAS and President General Pervez Musharraf. Now came the time when General Pervez Musharraf toppled the government of Nawaz Sharif and imposed Martial Law in the country. Again, MQM whole-heartedly endorsed Martial Law and supported Musharraf’s government — the same Musharraf whose hands-on participation in 1997 operation made MQM cry over again. Why such hypocrisy? Why being two-faced? Why supporting those for your benefit whom you say had been cruel to you? If MQM is so forgiving in nature then why a selective forgiveness for Army, for PPP? — but not for Nawaz Sharif? Is that what we call the politics of principles?

If we talk about principles, it reminds me of an incident. Liaquat Ali Khan brings some scandalous letters — composition of letters between the Lady Mountbatten and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru — to Quaid-e-Azam. Quaid-e-Azam, the man of principles and dignity articulates in a wonderful way. He says, “History is made by the wills and wounds of millions of people – not by the letters for blackmailing purpose.” That was an howling reaction by Quaid-e-Azam.

And today what we see is a Political Structure without Principles. In today’s politics, Principles are being compromised under a pretext of “In the largest interest of nation”. Such cliches and rhetorics are so broadly and so badly a part of our system today. We don’t even ponder to change it.

In another instance, today in his sniveling speech, Mr. Altaf Hussain talked about the eradication of feudalism from Pakistan. He has been saying this so often and so incessantly, yet he and his greedy party has twice supported a government of feudals — Pakistan Peoples Party that is. It’s said that one need to be in the system to change the whole system. It’s quite concordant fact so as pragmatic. But the sheer hypocrisy is when someone under a pretext of getting inside the system to change it actually and surprisingly becomes a part of that system likewise. In the whole word, wherever the democracy works, opposition parties play their role and dissent the ruling government whenever and wherever they feel the need of doing it. But the greedy party of Mr. Altaf Hussain seems not to believe in sitting in opposition; hence every time a new government comes in Pakistan — either an Army rule or a democratic government — Mr. Altaf Hussain pursues to ally with them. The chronicle of Pakistan approbates it so obviously. People denying it would be stung by crows — that too bunch of.

Mr. Altaf Hussain, so ardently pleaded Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to investigate the issue and do Justice. Why Mr. Altaf Hussain believes in one flavor of Justice? May be because selfishness has become a part of our trait and hypocrisy has become our culture. Now here, this is particularly not about MQM, it’s about the whole political culture of Pakistan. We tend to follow what goes in our benefit — so intensely and so passionately — that always we completely foroget our guilts, yet don’t even bother to contrite on it.

So same is the case with Mr. Altaf Hussain and his greedy political party. The justice they tend to seek is a selective justice — a discriminatory taste of one flavor of justice. At the same time I plead the Chief Justice of Pakistan to bring forth the cases against Altaf Hussain and his greedy party. There’s a case on Mr. Altaf Hussain related to the abduction and torture of one of the serviceman Major Kaleem back in 1991. The case was heard in SHC and it yet is not res adjudicata. It should be brought forth to the Supreme Court. Altaf Hussain himself is involved in near to 200 cases and the pious fugitive doesn’t come back to Pakistan with the same fear. A person with neat intents would never be afraid of doing what is right. A person having even a wee bit of bad intent would always hesitate to iterate the truth. He would lie to the farthest degree of shame, would give numerous excuses to hide the truth. It’s a human nature, likewise a universal fact.

We also have witnessed many of the heinous activities of MQM. The recennt ones includes a killing spree of Pashtuns in Karachi — the ethnic riots were booming till last year and the source of it was the fake propaganda of Talibanization by MQM. Altaf Hussain said he’s suspicious of the presence of 400,000 Talibans in Karachi. Where did they come from, only God knows. May be they came down on the land of Karachi via parachutes. Such a hyped propaganda it was that lead to the killing of so many Pakhtuns and later making it an ethnic war — Pashtun vs MQM–Muhajirs. And what actually happened then? Blood was spilling in Pakistan in the streets of Karachi once again. The tension soared up in Pakistan — not just Karachi.

12 May is one another controversy MQM is being convoluted in so genuinely and the case is now under the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Why MQM is so much galumphing around is now out of my understanding — when MQM knows they have a poor history — a history of a political party started on the basis of language and still sings on the basis of that language too often. The great leader, Quaid-e-Azam, died while declaring Urdu as a National Language of Pakistan with a hope that this new language would homogenize the various ethnic and cultural groups within the newly born nation; and today, unfortunately and so shamefully, people do politics on the basis of that national language. A normal person instead of us would’ve died with shame today, had he realized what Pakistan is today. But we, Pakistanis, are on the verge of high standard of shamefulness, yet we don’t feel anything. We don’t have the thing that is called shame. It’s sold — traded; for what, that is still unknown.

The only and solely point of strong dissent in this whole episode of cat getting out of the bag is — why on earth MQM seeks to taste one flavor of justice from Supreme Court. Why afraid to talk and taste another flavor of justice? Why MQM calls itself a party based on saints, whereas the hypocrisy of MQM is an open book — a book whose every page warrants boldly that rules and principles are happily compromised for power-ship.

Mr. Altaf Hussain and his greedy political party couldn’t stand on their words and manifestos, yet they claim themselves doing neat politics — the politics of Principles as they say.

I wonder why millions of Muslims used to follow Jinnah. When Jinnah used to do a public speech — in English — there used to be hundreds of thousands of people in the congregation and a good majority of them were those who didn’t use to understand English, but they used to trust and rely on Jinnah to an utmost extent that they would chant along with him “Pakistan Zindabad”, without knowing and comprehending what actually he’s orating. There was a huge trust, there was a confidence people had on him and they definitely weren’t wrong.

Reminds me of Bhutto too who won all the 88 seats from West Pakistan in the Elections. People had faith on him.

And today? Every political party claiming themselves to be the most righteous one. MQM calls itself it too, PPP calls itself too, PML-N calls itself too, PTI calls itself too, ANP calls itself too. Who’s right? Right is the one who belongs to my ethnic group. The rest all others are evil. I’d rather slain them if they don’t accept me and my party’s manifesto. Hail my ethnicity. Jeye Muhajir, Jeye Sindhi, Jeye Pashtun, Jeye Balochi etc. Pick the one which that represents your group and let’s chant — Jeye ….

Ye woh qoum hai jo apney aap ko dhoka deti hai or us key leye apney aap se hi jhoot bolti hai.

Talibans — the intransigent conservatives, a stratagem or beyond it?

Years have passed now so far listening to the cries of civvies on Taliban and Talibanization. Many doesn’t know the history of the origination of Talibans and many are determined to learn. Youngsters have started believing them as hobgoblin, few adults conceive them as “Snakehead” — a villain in a movie “The Medallion” of Jackie Chan — so some have started learning Judo Karate to overcome the Snakehead, the collared ones repent .. repent, and towards the west — has been complying of modern warfare which soon will become a living fiction.

The chronicle says that Alexander invaded Afghanistan. His expedition was kind of successful, but he was miserably failed to subdue the people of Afghanistan — Afghani’s in general. History repeats itself, and sometimes repetitively. Soviets met their fate once. Err!! Uncle Sam can’t be Alexander. It’s unfortunate to see the way modern movies depicted the character of Alexander. Alexander was a dignified warrior. Today, after 2,361 years, he’d be rather mystified to see himself over big screen if he walks into any of the cinema and learn that a great part of his life isn’t being played on screen — only the flaming invasions!

Let’s move to the current Talibans and Talibanization. The Talibanization in Pakistan dates back to the time of invasion of Soviet over Afghanistan. Pakistan was an interlocutor — used as a tract to breed the Jihad — sending Jihadis to Afghanistan for fighting against Soviets. USA kept on helping Jihadis, in fact the support Afghanistan got from USA was coming via Israel — including the heavy munition and financial aid. Soviets were booted out by Afghans and Jihadis. It was the time for USA to attempt its luck for invasion. This time Pakistan was also a collateral target.

To target the NATO forces and infiltrate into Afghanistan whenever needed, and then boomerang to Pakistan since Pakistan itself was a  greensward — a heaven-place — for the freedom fighters later tagged as Talibans when the master Yankee-Doodle raised the eyebrows and declared itself a Superpower by attacking over Afghanistan a few years after the Soviet Union collapsed.

Today, I was discussing situation of Afghanistan with one of my Afghani friend who’s a very close friend of mine — a pro-Pakistani. His words were, no matter what USA is doing in Afghanistan — they can’t fulfill their purpose of subduing Afghanis. He further said, it has been long since Afghanis are fighting to see Afghanistan as independent nation — first against Soviets, then Talibans, now with both USA and Talibans.

Talibans weren’t bad people as they’re today. The oppression they’ve faced increased their bedevility hence making them cruel more.

Pakistani government has a history of treating Talibans as their hero. If stratagem of dealing Talibans had gone good in the past, we would not have been facing such disastrous times today. It’s our luck we’ve written for ourself — and it’s we ourself who can revert the mistakes committed.

These days Talibans are disseminating all over Pakistan trying to enforce Shariah — a Shariah of an unknown Islam. So far, they’re successful in the implementation of Shariah in Malakand Division with the help of TSNM and Provincial Government. The loud lyrics in favor of TSNM is being heard from the people of Swat. As yet, things are still not clear if the real peace will be restored in Swat in a literal way. My views doesn’t matter, albeit I’m in favor of this truce, but simultaneously also believe that the elimination of the cannibalic ideologies of Talibans is mandatory.

TSNM is a separate outfit having different purpose. If Talibans were a part of TSNM, they would not have abstained from the Buner Peace Jirgah today (26th April, 2009) where they were invited to hold talks and the practical measures for the enforcement of Adl regulation there. Although a threat has been issued to government to restore the Adl regulation in Buner otherwise TSNM is compelled to join TTP and their barbaric activities. Is it the envisioning of Mullah Sufi Muhammad who cries about Islam, and on the other side believes on the atrocities just on the name of Islam?

Many believe these barbaric people as foreign agents. Not agents, but sure foreign funded.

Still, things aren’t clear so far what will be the role of Pakistani Government, what TSNM will be doing and how TTP can be eliminated. I, personally favored NAR in Swat due to the reasons of the restoration of peace there which was once in the times of Wali Ehad of Swat. Things were good back then. The modernistic way of Islamiztion and restoration of peace is yet different from that of past. Things are hazy as of now.

15,000 miscreant Talibans and 500,000 of Pakistan Army — can not fight against the handful of miscreants segregated at different places? Pakistan Army can, but they don’t — that’s what I’ve started believing.

In all the major cities of Pakistan, the threat of Talibanization is yet there to make people fright. People are fright due to obvious reasons. But the another factor is, people are divided themselves on the basis of ethnicity, raciality, linguistic, provincialism, and thoughts. If that’s all we’ve to demonstrate, no wonder our remorses and downfall is reasonable — in fact very fair.