Dignity On Sine Die Sale

Throughout history human have confronted similar obstacles, have endeavored to achieve similar goals, and sequentially have strived to better themselves and the world around them. Still there are many parts of the world where human race is abominably engrossed in exercising antithetically to the professed beliefs. The traditional battle of good vs evil continues.

All the countries across the globe have different priorities at different modes of time — to improve and strengthen their nation more and as per the wants of its citizens (though sometimes the sentiments of citizens are ruled out). These priorities often come with a whim of greed to bolster the nation amain. This hastiness at numerous occasions becomes onerous which results in reversion of all the efforts put forward in the past. Not too far to go to seek any such example since our own country, Pakistan, is a fine example of this unpalatableness.

Soon after the creation of Pakistan, Pakistan protested over the issue of India’s existence in commonwealth countries because of its Republican status, but due to the preferential treatment of Western powers for India, Pakistan remained unheard. Yet, it was a time when Pakistan was in a state of an utter bewilderment. Being a newly independent nation it was confused whether to adapt itself with Western democracy or communism. The then finance minister of Pakistan, Ghulam Muhammad, also iterated that we’ve no implicit faith on Western democracy nor we can make ourself commit to communism at this point in time. In the meanwhile, Kashmir Issue remained unsolved. Pakistan sought help from Commonwealth Countries specially Britain but failed to receive any satisfactory response. A last-ditch attempt Pakistan made was to seek help from the Muslim world, but interestingly and surprisingly the Muslim countries privileged India to a good extent rather than Pakistan. Pakistan was disappointed with the happenings. At this desperate phase, Liaquat Ali Khan received an invitation from USSR to visit Moscow for the talks. It was a pollyannaish hope for Pakistan and Liaquat Ali Khan was satisfied that a way out of a thick mist is getting clear. After receiving the invitation to visit Moscow, Liaquat Ali Khan delayed his visit and later postponed it to an indefinite period. In sometime, Pakistan received an invitation from United States — offering economic and political help to Pakistan along with the positive solution of Kashmir — Pakistan accepted it and abrogated the invitation of USSR.

62 years have passed now since United States gave Pakistan a hope of solving Kashmir Issue positively under a pack of negotiations, but without any movement of change the status quo persists.

Economic aid was promised to Pakistan which was fulfilled by United States, but at a cost of modern-slavery. The modern-slavery is hooked with a nomenclature which today has more to do with the sovereignty of Pakistan.

The United States started a war in Afghanistan — a war which has no end — and a war to dispatch the Talibans who were mutually created by Pakistan and United States. An event to remember that the band of these monsters was once privileged by the same United States.

In the meanwhile, Pakistan always have had the chances to witness the dual-turns of United States foreign policies and imperialism — but the leaders of Pakistan yet kept on continuing to hold the relations with United States in a firm way as it was started initially. The priorities of Pakistan remained im-permute. At different modes of time since 1947, Pakistan remained cling to United States; however, in other parts of the world the priorities of different nations keep on varying time to time. The European Union is a good example though. The clock of progress of Pakistan remains standstill except that of the economy which was and is heavily bankrolled by United States at a huge expense — sovereignty.

When 9/11 catastrophe happened and Musharraf was railroaded by the United States about pushing Pakistan to a stone age if Pakistan wouldn’t help United States in fighting the war in Afghanistan — which they say is a war against terrorism. Veteran President General Pervez Musharraf — without giving it a thought that he’s living in a 21st century and his country holds the nuclear arms — came under the influence of this gunboat diplomacy and rapidly offered full services of Pakistan to United States, hence tossing out Pakistan into extreme problems. The leaders of Pakistan have remained frail at such phases.

In a hasty manner, Musharraf accepted United States demands — as fully as it shouldn’t be — in a hope that collaboration with US would give Pakistan the chances to quickly improve itself — economically, poltically and advancement in defence — yet he again forgot the huge price Pakistan has to pay for it and will keep paying till the ties of unilateral selfish-friendship continues between both the nation.

Musharraf transacted with the United States — following the footprints of his predecessors — and rendering Pakistanis to United States for the exchange of dollars which surged the economy of Pakistan temporarily, but its moral and principled justification can’t be legalized no where in the world where the rule of law is superior.

These are the things we keep on talking and discussing often and so much. And these are always serious matters concerning every Pakistani. It’s a Pakistani who would decide and build its nation not a Yankee or a Brit. The priorities of Pakistanis should be with a whim to bolster the nation — but not hastily as it always has happened, not even under a dismantled sovereignty in exchange of dollars — but only and solely as a staunch supporter of its country under legal principles. The battle of good vs evil continues — and the good wins ultimately. But no sucess without an obsess — obsess with duty, honor and country — and as General Douglas McArthur said: These three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying points, to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.

Today, the political leaders and Army can use and will always use ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ to embroil Pakistan to troubles, dilemma and desperate straits — but unfortunately this ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ was and is never used to emerge Pakistan from the obnoxious situations we’re facing today. Or rather this substantiates with evidence the dignity of Pakistan is really on sine die sale.


Talibans — the intransigent conservatives, a stratagem or beyond it?

Years have passed now so far listening to the cries of civvies on Taliban and Talibanization. Many doesn’t know the history of the origination of Talibans and many are determined to learn. Youngsters have started believing them as hobgoblin, few adults conceive them as “Snakehead” — a villain in a movie “The Medallion” of Jackie Chan — so some have started learning Judo Karate to overcome the Snakehead, the collared ones repent .. repent, and towards the west — has been complying of modern warfare which soon will become a living fiction.

The chronicle says that Alexander invaded Afghanistan. His expedition was kind of successful, but he was miserably failed to subdue the people of Afghanistan — Afghani’s in general. History repeats itself, and sometimes repetitively. Soviets met their fate once. Err!! Uncle Sam can’t be Alexander. It’s unfortunate to see the way modern movies depicted the character of Alexander. Alexander was a dignified warrior. Today, after 2,361 years, he’d be rather mystified to see himself over big screen if he walks into any of the cinema and learn that a great part of his life isn’t being played on screen — only the flaming invasions!

Let’s move to the current Talibans and Talibanization. The Talibanization in Pakistan dates back to the time of invasion of Soviet over Afghanistan. Pakistan was an interlocutor — used as a tract to breed the Jihad — sending Jihadis to Afghanistan for fighting against Soviets. USA kept on helping Jihadis, in fact the support Afghanistan got from USA was coming via Israel — including the heavy munition and financial aid. Soviets were booted out by Afghans and Jihadis. It was the time for USA to attempt its luck for invasion. This time Pakistan was also a collateral target.

To target the NATO forces and infiltrate into Afghanistan whenever needed, and then boomerang to Pakistan since Pakistan itself was a  greensward — a heaven-place — for the freedom fighters later tagged as Talibans when the master Yankee-Doodle raised the eyebrows and declared itself a Superpower by attacking over Afghanistan a few years after the Soviet Union collapsed.

Today, I was discussing situation of Afghanistan with one of my Afghani friend who’s a very close friend of mine — a pro-Pakistani. His words were, no matter what USA is doing in Afghanistan — they can’t fulfill their purpose of subduing Afghanis. He further said, it has been long since Afghanis are fighting to see Afghanistan as independent nation — first against Soviets, then Talibans, now with both USA and Talibans.

Talibans weren’t bad people as they’re today. The oppression they’ve faced increased their bedevility hence making them cruel more.

Pakistani government has a history of treating Talibans as their hero. If stratagem of dealing Talibans had gone good in the past, we would not have been facing such disastrous times today. It’s our luck we’ve written for ourself — and it’s we ourself who can revert the mistakes committed.

These days Talibans are disseminating all over Pakistan trying to enforce Shariah — a Shariah of an unknown Islam. So far, they’re successful in the implementation of Shariah in Malakand Division with the help of TSNM and Provincial Government. The loud lyrics in favor of TSNM is being heard from the people of Swat. As yet, things are still not clear if the real peace will be restored in Swat in a literal way. My views doesn’t matter, albeit I’m in favor of this truce, but simultaneously also believe that the elimination of the cannibalic ideologies of Talibans is mandatory.

TSNM is a separate outfit having different purpose. If Talibans were a part of TSNM, they would not have abstained from the Buner Peace Jirgah today (26th April, 2009) where they were invited to hold talks and the practical measures for the enforcement of Adl regulation there. Although a threat has been issued to government to restore the Adl regulation in Buner otherwise TSNM is compelled to join TTP and their barbaric activities. Is it the envisioning of Mullah Sufi Muhammad who cries about Islam, and on the other side believes on the atrocities just on the name of Islam?

Many believe these barbaric people as foreign agents. Not agents, but sure foreign funded.

Still, things aren’t clear so far what will be the role of Pakistani Government, what TSNM will be doing and how TTP can be eliminated. I, personally favored NAR in Swat due to the reasons of the restoration of peace there which was once in the times of Wali Ehad of Swat. Things were good back then. The modernistic way of Islamiztion and restoration of peace is yet different from that of past. Things are hazy as of now.

15,000 miscreant Talibans and 500,000 of Pakistan Army — can not fight against the handful of miscreants segregated at different places? Pakistan Army can, but they don’t — that’s what I’ve started believing.

In all the major cities of Pakistan, the threat of Talibanization is yet there to make people fright. People are fright due to obvious reasons. But the another factor is, people are divided themselves on the basis of ethnicity, raciality, linguistic, provincialism, and thoughts. If that’s all we’ve to demonstrate, no wonder our remorses and downfall is reasonable — in fact very fair.

Marriott hotel – Isloo blast

20th September, 2008 — I was in the train getting for work and as usual was exploring web on my cell phone. While I opened bbcurdu, there was this monumental blast news in Isloo I read – more details were awaited to be uploaded soon. It was appalling though I didn’t know till that time that the catastrophe is so massive. Once again I started contemplating with so many “Whys?”

I reached at work and turned on the web Geo quickly. Simultaneously, I started contacting all my friends and acquaintances living in Islamabad to know whether they’re safe or not — See how concern a man is when his closed ones are under a potential menace whereas the real sorrows of the families and friends of those who suffer from such catastrophe are inexplicable :S My all the friends and acquaintances were AlhamduLillah safe. From them I got to know the real happening of the blast. Although living around 8 miles away from the targeted place, they told that the blast shook their homes, and again I was traumatized for some seconds and started figuring what drat damage a 2000Kg explosives could cause at the place of incident :S

The news channels and the websites started giving live coverage and text-based news – which I read and watched out all, ad nauseam, were making me dejected more. I never lost hopes on which I’m entirely based.

Government’s officials one by one started turning up on media with the usual practice of “Condemnation”. What was new? They rant and we pay heed. We do – merely because the hopes are not forlorn. Someone go and tell the stupes that these single line condemnation phrases are now out-dated, at least in Pakistan – bring something new and for Allah’s sake stop duping the Nation more 😡 Wish they value – life, a appeasing smile on the face of Nationals, and foremost the face that’s filled with tears 😦

The Chooran lord – A hole on the chin and a red passport in hands and the full demonstration of 32 teeth.

Mustache-feudal Zardari – Who can’t even spell/write the few words right is a President. Out of the Adiala Jail panned into the President House. Our luck, perhaps we deserve :S

Nawaz Shariff – Twice tested and a failure.

Maulana Diesel – The tummy is always filled with healthy chicken. He should exclaim for theocracy rather than democracy, hypocrite .. eh!

These are those unfortunately fortunate leaders to which we grant permission to lead the Nation by giving votes by ballot. What kind of Democracy is it :S A democracy is where the educated would make wise decisions as representatives of the uneducated. Here the case is different. We (educated) vote the uneducated ones (morally uneducated) and happily elect those leaders who become a cause of ruination of Nation later on. They are no less than wretches, hothead wretches that sucks the blood like a leech. This pattern is there for last 61 years. We never learnt from our mistakes *Sigh*.

After midnight at around 1:15 AM, the honorable President decided to demonstrate an address to the Nation and mourned ahead the cameras and the Nation. Precisely for one and a half minute appearance our honorable President made, felt grief and signed off. He did a brilliant job. At least he ceased the mouth of some cynics![/sarcasm]

Remember, the Nation is doomed who never learn from the mistakes. Nevertheless, it’s even not too late to take a right decision. Two things can’t be snatched at least from me – Smile & Hopes. Smile could be lost temporarily but not the Hopes. I just Hope for the Best as always 🙂 May Allah keep Pakistan safe from all the green-eyed personages – May Allah bring all of us to some sanity – May Allah keep Pakistan intact – May Allah Bless Pakistan. Aameen