Stealing a Life …

Paris attacks are harrowing. Brings a shiver down my spine. I am not exaggerating my state of mind. Whenever innocents die I am forced to recall the words from my favourite book “The Kite Runner”:

“…there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft…when you kill a man, you steal a life…you steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness…there is no act more wretched than stealing…a man who takes what’s not his to take, be it a life or a loaf of naan…I spit on such a man. And if I ever cross paths with him, God help him…”

A horde of Muslims have been concerned about how the horrendous attacks in Paris will bring a bad name to Muslims, again. I am not sure how to answer this. More or less the same number of people are concerned about how western media is actively reporting the Paris carnage and how Facebook is sympathising with the French community by rolling out an application that can merge your profile picture with the French flag to become a unique profile picture on your profile. They are arguing that such a sympathising gesture is only bestowed on the western people and the terrorism affectees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and others are always snubbed and which is a discrimination and selective-sympathy. It is true. But I guess it is more true that Muslim states are so feeble and incompetent today that their internal differences owing to sectarianism and weakness owing to corruption have led them to this situation and because of that Muslim community is given little or no significance in a world dominated by western democracy, culture and economy. Nature has it that only the strong survives. Justice is subjective and the mighty rules.

I find it sound to put a French flag (even though I haven’t put one on my profile yet but I support those who have) on the Facebook profile and sympathise with the French community ignoring any ifs and buts here. I mourn on the loss of innocent lives in Paris and my heart bleeds for every single soul lost in Paris attacks and all such terrorist attacks anywhere in the world.

Power comes with the responsibility and responsibility requires courage to befit the position you are responsible for. It would take courage for Muslim community to enjoy the pinnacle of the same power western world is enjoying today without being irresponsible.

I don’t know if this terrorism anywhere in the world will ever stop. It unfortunately doesn’t seem to end. I though certainly hope for the terrorism to be dealt with at least more responsibility!

Negotiation Or Operation, Do It Fast!

Imran Khan said today that if the peace talks fail, we will back a fully-fledged operation together with all the parties. In my personal views the peace talks wouldn’t even begin. And even if they do, they would fail. Zero-sum game that is! But then, calling PTI and JI all the same only appears as a contour of derangement visible from the face, and behavior, of those struggling hard to blend them. JI doesn’t even consent to the starting of operation despite after the would-be failure of peace talks; they want peace talks to continue for as long they don’t fail.; but they will. The chief argument behind this notion is that we can’t give them (TTP) everything and they don’t want anything less than everything.

There is nothing wrong in believing for the sake of personal satisfaction that an opportunity to resolve the issue amicably with the TTP has to be gripped; but there is everything wrong in delaying action against the terrorists, for every day that passes without a full-blown action against the terrorists, or say resolving the issue of terrorism, is the sad day when innocents get blown up. The blood might well be on the hands of not just PTI alone but federal government too.

Both the KPK and federal governments have to contrive to deal with the issue of terrorism caused by TTP etc. The fact that some weird cultural aspects of Pakistani-politics — that is mired in distrust, hate and insane grudges — don’t allow things to go well between the two parties, whether it is PTI v PML-N or PPP v PMLN or PPP v MQM, is something both have to overcome before long. Or else, again, it will cost human lives and struck the most significant national interest.

Tolerance, Frustration & Newton’s Law

Okay. It is little unconventional, or rather more than little. But I guess it will make sense to all those like me; crazy, many would call. Actually I don’t even know who else here is like me, but I am sure who ever likes me will read this and agree to me is the one who is like me.

So here it goes. People sound so frustrated in Pakistan that they have lost their entire set of brain-cell that makes them decide whether the thing they are doing is something a person would normally do when he is right in his head or that something is something a person should only do rather when he is frustrated; or perhaps frustrated-est.

I have kept myself to thinking a lot lately. I have observed and I have felt. There is something a lot of the people do. So, let’s just say they do it on Facebook mostly; or say they do it only on Facebook; because in real most of the people would just not pay that Joe Average any sort of heed that he indefatigably tries to obtain from people around: their attention; that for him is the most precious gift he can get from the world that lives around him in which he couldn’t step in. But what actually do they do? They do nothing! I am sorry if my incompetence offends their idea of self-reliance over the web, or not just over the web alone, but self-reliance from everything that exists; however, while they could win this self-reliance from anywhere, they couldn’t unfortunately win it from their inherent lunacy.

Let’s just cut to the chase. I am getting bored myself. But I haven’t lost my sincerity yet. So hold on. What do you call a person who is so defeated from inside, frustrated, and do something which, in his version of civilised and western world, a western even wouldn’t: blaming F for stealing alone when A, B, C, D and E were simultaneously also the equal collaborators. Maybe it is easier to explain in this way: A to F say that negotiations with the Taliban should be held, promoting the idea of “let’s give peace [another] chance; but in the outside world, F alone is being bashed, cursed, abused and held guilty for promoting the idea to negotiate with the terrorists Taliban. How is this even making sense?

I don’t want to write down any further; I am lethargic and I don’t know why I am even writing this all and what I am writing at all. But I am writing, or trying to write, to make a strong point that Imran Khan is an idiot who backs the notion that the War on Terror is not our war but it is America’s war. But then, struggling to validate the notion that he is an idiot is just not the thing that can rescue Pakistan from the horrors of terrorism. Unfortunately, as despicable as the PTI’s idea is about the disowning of war, there is nothing that the entire leadership of Pakistan has done which is worth writing in copper, let alone gold or silver. Copper is cheap today.

So I was saying, Imran Khan and his PTI are stupid; PTI has laid down the marker for stupidity. Sadly, this has caused a grim reaction in Pakistan: while stupidity of others makes people frustrated, it makes them look just as stupid as the one who causes frustration in the stupid. But here is the reason of frustration: you get frustrated and go on a bickering-contest with antagonist not because that antagonist is really harmful and his views are incurable, but because your frustration is the reason you have found a space in a certain group that accommodates every idea of breaking all hell loose on antagonists, using strong words; that group belongs to self-elated so-called intellectuals; we often like to call them faux-liberals of Pakistan. It is the manifestation of their failure to live in a society that is wished by people like me to be tolerant, but tolerance cannot be practiced by them equally along with those who initially cause the intolerance. Newton was a scientist, but a political scientist, and for that matter even a social scientist, would agree that: every action has equal but opposite reaction.

Marriott hotel – Isloo blast

20th September, 2008 — I was in the train getting for work and as usual was exploring web on my cell phone. While I opened bbcurdu, there was this monumental blast news in Isloo I read – more details were awaited to be uploaded soon. It was appalling though I didn’t know till that time that the catastrophe is so massive. Once again I started contemplating with so many “Whys?”

I reached at work and turned on the web Geo quickly. Simultaneously, I started contacting all my friends and acquaintances living in Islamabad to know whether they’re safe or not — See how concern a man is when his closed ones are under a potential menace whereas the real sorrows of the families and friends of those who suffer from such catastrophe are inexplicable :S My all the friends and acquaintances were AlhamduLillah safe. From them I got to know the real happening of the blast. Although living around 8 miles away from the targeted place, they told that the blast shook their homes, and again I was traumatized for some seconds and started figuring what drat damage a 2000Kg explosives could cause at the place of incident :S

The news channels and the websites started giving live coverage and text-based news – which I read and watched out all, ad nauseam, were making me dejected more. I never lost hopes on which I’m entirely based.

Government’s officials one by one started turning up on media with the usual practice of “Condemnation”. What was new? They rant and we pay heed. We do – merely because the hopes are not forlorn. Someone go and tell the stupes that these single line condemnation phrases are now out-dated, at least in Pakistan – bring something new and for Allah’s sake stop duping the Nation more 😡 Wish they value – life, a appeasing smile on the face of Nationals, and foremost the face that’s filled with tears 😦

The Chooran lord – A hole on the chin and a red passport in hands and the full demonstration of 32 teeth.

Mustache-feudal Zardari – Who can’t even spell/write the few words right is a President. Out of the Adiala Jail panned into the President House. Our luck, perhaps we deserve :S

Nawaz Shariff – Twice tested and a failure.

Maulana Diesel – The tummy is always filled with healthy chicken. He should exclaim for theocracy rather than democracy, hypocrite .. eh!

These are those unfortunately fortunate leaders to which we grant permission to lead the Nation by giving votes by ballot. What kind of Democracy is it :S A democracy is where the educated would make wise decisions as representatives of the uneducated. Here the case is different. We (educated) vote the uneducated ones (morally uneducated) and happily elect those leaders who become a cause of ruination of Nation later on. They are no less than wretches, hothead wretches that sucks the blood like a leech. This pattern is there for last 61 years. We never learnt from our mistakes *Sigh*.

After midnight at around 1:15 AM, the honorable President decided to demonstrate an address to the Nation and mourned ahead the cameras and the Nation. Precisely for one and a half minute appearance our honorable President made, felt grief and signed off. He did a brilliant job. At least he ceased the mouth of some cynics![/sarcasm]

Remember, the Nation is doomed who never learn from the mistakes. Nevertheless, it’s even not too late to take a right decision. Two things can’t be snatched at least from me – Smile & Hopes. Smile could be lost temporarily but not the Hopes. I just Hope for the Best as always 🙂 May Allah keep Pakistan safe from all the green-eyed personages – May Allah bring all of us to some sanity – May Allah keep Pakistan intact – May Allah Bless Pakistan. Aameen

Does God help those who help themselves?

Time is getting around and we’re not vigilant;
Egocentricity is disseminating, but we’re silent.

Mortals are downing mortals, but for a say-so;
Savagery is globally, but who tutelages also.

It’s so direful, but right, man is a social animal;
I wonder, are the wolves sorted criminals?

Our humanness has been pulverized;
We stay the same without being surprised.

A skirmish that bears away hundreds of life;
People decrying it always remain rife.

We’re confounded, as yet with a null conclusion;
A shaft of plus hope is the only cause of persuasion.

Unspoilt masses can be assessed on fingerbreadths;
Again I wonder does God help those who help themselves?

By: Absar