Voice Pakistan

Voice Pakistan is a Mafia. This Mafia is not a band of thugs. The members of Voice Pakistan are rather in disguise to counter the real band of thugs — Mafia members — or in short the evils in the political and social system of Pakistan. We live as Mafia, we breathe as Mafia, we survive as Mafia — yet we’re not Mafia because we’re Pro-Pakistan Mafia. We believe in a Pakistan without any racial, lingual and provincial boundaries — we believe in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The aim of Voice Pakistan is to promote Pro-Pakistanism, and to bring forward the basic teachings of morality within the shade of 796,096 sq.km of our beloved Pakistan.

If you’re interested to contribute then you’re very much welcome to join us and indite your thoughts – but one thing to take into account is the flexibility of mind during all the debate and disputation you take part in. Thank you.


Voice Pakistan — Promoting Pakistanism


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