Pity the nation …

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting;
and farewells him with hooting;
only to welcome another with trumpeting again

(Khalil Gibran — Pity the nation)

Polygamy In The pre-Islamite Arabs

Syed Ameer Ali describes the presence of polygamy in the pre-Islamite Arab in his book “A short history of Saracens”:

The pre-Islamic Arabs were like the ancient Hebrews, accustomed to marry many wives. This was the natural consequence of the decimation of men in tribal wars; for the women would otherwise have starved. The Prophet Muhammad, by imposing a limit to the custom, indirectly forbade polygamy, but made it comformable to all stages of society.



What hurts me …

I think people here (in Pakistan) in general don’t understand or educate themselves much about the ethical or nice ways of dealing with the other people, say whatever the purpose of dealing is: consoling, bestowing favors, welfare work, public dealings and etc. It is absolutely different in England, the place where I have spent a good deal of time while I was actually growing up and coming of the age. People here pressurize you, patronize you, discourage you and turn you down for they think they are better and well-versed than you. We are people of a society that can be called anything but polite.

I am not berating my country that I always love and always will, but it really hurts to see all this around!